What’s New in I-Got-Notices

Find out what’s new in I-Got-Notices as we continually add enhancements, features and capabilities.

Various issues addressed in latest IGN release

The following issues have been addressed in I-Got-Notices v5.4.1.0 February 27, 2015.

User-defined Calendar Event List column widths

I-Got-Notices now remembers the Calendar Event List column widths set by individual users. This feature is useful if multiple users have different screen resolutions.

Faster loading of the Mail Tab

The Mail Tab will only refresh if changes have occurred. This will make switching between the Mail and Case tabs quicker.

Program update reminder

I-Got-Notices will now notify you when there is an update available. It is important that each user update I-Got-Notices as new releases can include new features, bug fixes and various other improvements. If you have any questions please contact us or give us a call at (210) 561-5300 during normal business hours.

Other changes in v5.4.1.0 include:

  • Fixed error when switching to the Outbox folders with the User Flags filter set.
  • Fixed the Reminder dialog to show the correct number of days Past Due for recurring events.
  • Correctly scan plain text emails.
  • Better syncing of All Day events between IGN and Google/Outlook.
  • Better handling of POP email accounts.
  • Added the Case Name column to the Forwarding Mail Wizard.
  • Fixed an issue with color coding the Docket Text with various email encodings received from different courts.
  • Various bug fixes with syncing calendars, connecting to google, downloading large emails, and other small items.

7 new features added to I-Got-Notices 5

The following issues have been addressed in I-Got-Notices v5.4.0.12 released on January 20, 2015

Group Sequenced Events into a category

Sequenced Events are a set of calendar items you can have I-Got-Notices add automatically in relation to another event. We’ve made them even better by adding an option to group several sequenced events into one category (e.g., Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13). Not using Sequenced Events in I-Got-Notices? Learn how to set up 341 Meeting reminders using Sequenced Events in I-Got-Notices. To setup categories for Sequenced Events in I-Got-Notices 5, go to Settings → Program Options → Calendar → Sequenced Events. Select an event and then click on the Edit button. In the box next to Category, enter your user-defined category name. That way all the Sequenced Events you normally use in a Category (say, Chapter 13) will be handy for selection.

Group mail by column headers

The Group By button feature in I-Got-Notices 4 is now available in version 5. The Group By button allows users to group items by various column groupings (e.g., Jurisdictions and Case Name). To start using this feature click on the Group By button on the Mail tab. Now drag and drop the column header(s) to the Group area you wish to sort by. Additional columns can be added to the group area by clicking on the column list icon. Group By groups the mail in the folder you are in. Don’t forget the Case menu item that aggregates all the messages (across folders) you have received in a case—and also shows you the claims register for the case.

Filter notices with same case number in multiple jurisdictions on the Case Tab

If you receive notices from multiple jurisdictions, you may find that occasionally some cases are assigned the same case number. I-Got-Notices will now automatically add additional jurisdiction tabs if notices have the same case number. Next select the jurisdiction of the notices you wish to view.

Define Special dates on the Case tab

We’ve added a new feature that allows users to define important key (Special) dates for a case, in order to make them visible at a glance on the Case tab. These might be dates
such as the case filing date. To set up this feature you first need to create custom labels under Settings → Program Options → Calendar → Global Options → Labels. Once the labels are created, right-click on the label and select “Add to Special Dates”. You can add up to six (6) Special Dates. Once you have assigned your Special Date Labels, you will need to restart I-Got-Notices. Next, create an event on the calendar using one of the Special Date Labels and the case number for the client and refresh the Tab. Or you can just click on one of the Special Date labels on the Case tab, and add the event from there. The dates will now appear on the Case tab next to the Special Dates labels at the top for each Special event for the client.

Rename documents on the Case Documents tab

Reduce the guess work on which document you’re opening in I-Got-Notices by renaming the documents. To rename documents, go to Case → Case Documents, and select the document you wish to rename. Next click on the Rename Doc button and type in the new name for the document.

Easily see status of events on the List of Events tab

On the Calendar → Event Lists → List of Events tab we’ve added a column with colored bullet buttons to help users see the status of events at a glance.

  • Green = Active
  • White = Completed
  • Black = Deferred

Event date keyboard shortcuts

We’ve added some event date field keyboard shortcuts to help users save time. Add any of the shortcuts listed below to the start or end date (ex.: 1/1/2015 +)

The Event window shortcuts are:

  • + : Add one day
  • - : Subtract one day
  • t : Today
  • m : Beginning of next month
  • h : End of the month
  • * : Ahead one week

Other changes in v5.4.0.12 include:

  • Added a right-click menu option from the Mail tab to Open Case Tab.
  • Added a user option to lessen the amount of red coloring that shows when filters are set.
  • Changed the way Case Numbers and Juris Codes are filtered to eliminate a specific database error that was occurring.
  • Changed the way folders with many (tens of thousands) messages are loaded to help make the program work quicker.
  • Added a filter indicator over the folder list like was present in version 4.
  • Improved scanning for Western Missouri bankruptcy emails.
  • Remove the case name from the subject line when creating the exported file name (as was the case in version 4)
  • Remove the “CH7” or “CH13” notations from the subject line when exporting.
  • Bug fixes to the email processor to better capture PACER charges.
  • Bug fixes for the file export feature.
  • Bug fixes for syncing with Exchange Server.

Zero out proofs of claim amounts option

The following issues have been addressed in I-Got-Notices v5.3.1.0 released on December 4, 2014

Option to zero out POCs amounts when amended claims have been filed

Calculate unsecured amount from Proof of Claim On the Case tab, Case Creditors tab, you will see the Proofs of claim notices filed in a case. When amended claims are filed, you can zero out the amounts for the original claims so the correct totals will be reflected on the tab. The tab effectively shows you a claims register without having to log in to PACER. To zero out a claim amount on that tab, right-click on the claim and select Zero Claim Amounts. This only works on the Case tab, Case Creditors tab. The Note section will display the date and user who zeroed the claim amounts.

If the wrong claim is zeroed out, right-click on the claim and select Rescan claim amount for selected amounts. This option is also helpful for rescanning claims to have I-Got-Notices calculate the unsecured portion from the Proof of Claim.

Rescan Messages for Missing Docket Text and Auto-Events

Some email received in version 5 of I-Got-Notices after September 1, 2014, had HTML control characters embedded in the text which may have caused I-Got-Notices to not read the full text. As a result, any dates in the text were not put into the Auto-Event list. To correct this do the following:

  • Go to the Mail Tab → More Filters → Click on the ellipses of the Email Date filter.
  • Enter 9/1/2014 (or the date you converted to version 5 of I-Got-Notices) as the Start Date. Leave today’s date as the End Date. Click the green check mark to close the dialog box.
  • Select the All Mail folder. It should then contain all emails within the date range set in the above step.
  • Click one of the messages and then press Ctrl-A to select all the mail in the folder.
  • Right-click on any message and select the menu item: Functions → Rescan Case Info.
  • A progress bar will appear and work through the process. For most installations this will be fairly quick. For offices that receive lots of email it may take a few minutes. After it completes, any new Auto-Events will now be on the calendar as they would normally appear when processing new mail.

Export selected documents

Calculate unsecured amount from Proof of Claim As in version 4 of I-Got-Notices, users have the option to export selected documents to a specified location on demand (perhaps for a hearing, or just the items that have come in today). The program can also be set to export the documents automatically to a central location as the email messages are processed.

We’ve also added the ability to define the file naming format when exporting documents. There are two ways to set the name format for exported documents. (Please note that any change to the file naming format in either location is universal.)

One method to change the file naming format is to go to the Mail tab, then right-click on an email or several selected messages, and select Export PDFs of Selected Message. A second method is to go to the Program Settings tab, click on Program Options and go to Mail → PDFs. There are several naming options for the folders and the exported PDFs. In both methods, I-Got-Notices will show an example of what the exported PDF file name will look like.

Other changes in v5.3.0.38 include:

  • Made it more obvious when a mail filter is set.
  • Doc and Claim number columns on by default.
  • Fixed issue with all-day Auto-Events spanning two days.
  • Calendar syncing can now be set to an automatic interval. (Program Options, Calendar tab, User Options)
  • Added another confirmation dialog when events are deleted from Google or Outlook before allowing deletion from I-Got-Notices’s calendar.
  • New authorization flow for Google calendars
  • Consolidate SSL certificate checks into one place
  • Better date extraction from docket text
  • The email load limit will only affect the Inbox now

Various issues addressed in new release

The following issues have been addressed in I-Got-Notices v5.2.8.20 released on October 21, 2014

  • Added an option to select the Exchange Server or a Local install of Outlook in the Calendar Wizard.
  • Updated the Texas State Case Numbers format within I-Got-Notices.
  • Remove warning about emails left on the server.
  • Corrected error when extracting the original date sent when forwarding emails.
  • Fixed duplicate events when syncing with a local install of Outlook.
  • Fixed authorization error when syncing with a local install of Outlook.
  • Added Cancel and Help buttons to the Mail, Calendar, and Forwarding Wizards.
  • Recognize the district court jurisdiction codes.

View calculated POCs unsecured amounts

Below are changes in I-Got-Notices v5.2.8.0 released on October 6, 2014

Calculate unsecured amount from Proof of Claim

Calculate unsecured amount from Proof of Claim I-Got-Notices automatically takes the total proof of claim amount and subtracts the secured and priority claims to get the unsecured amount. You can view the creditor amounts by going to the Case tab then clicking on the Case Creditors button.

Save any email as a PDF document

Click on the PDF button within the message preview pane to generate a PDF from any email quickly.

Export email with no attached or linked PDF automatically

If the export mail setting under Program Options is selected, I-Got-Notices will create a PDF document of any email that does not contain an attached PDF or a document link. To enable the automatic export function, click on the Program Options button and go to Mail → PDFs and select Automatically export copies of all future PDFs that are received.

Jurisdiction Filtering

The jurisdiction code filtering is now combined with Case Number filtering by adding the pipe | symbol (Example: 11-12345|FLSB). Also when selecting a case in the case search dialog, the filter will also be set to the jurisdiction to prevent two cases with the same numbers from showing up.

Create customizable user-defined labels

Below are changes in I-Got-Notices v5.2.5.0 released on September 8, 2014

Customize labels

Customize User-Defined Labels Users can now define their own custom labels by going to Program Options → Mail → Others → Stars.

Outbox and Sent Mail folders

Mail filters now work in the Outbox and Sent Mail folders. The count will continue to be the total items in each folder regardless of filtering. Other changes include:

  • The first record and last record buttons now work in the Outbox and Sent Mail folders.
  • Users can now sort the Outbox folder by clicking on the column headers.
  • The Sent Mail folder is sorted by Date Sent in descending order.

Process mail from unknown sender

Added warning to notify user that mail approved from the Unknown folder still needs to be processed.

Docket Text

Fixed a bug where the colon in some docket text times was being stripped out.

Server connections

Fixed a bug where the number of connections to the server was being exceeded.

Message list

The message list should now update immediately after editing header fields of an imported message.

Software update notification

Import documents into current message
An orange flag in lower right-hand corner now notifies users if an I-Got-Notices update is available.

Edit header information in user created emails

Import documents into current message
Users can now edit header information in user-generated emails by clicking on the Message Info button.

Where to find software update notification in I-Got-Notices

Below are changes in I-Got-Notices v5.2.4.0 released on September 2, 2014

Software update notification

Import documents into current message
An orange flag in lower right-hand corner now notifies users if an I-Got-Notices update is available.

Edit header information in user created emails

Import documents into current message
Users can now edit header information in user-generated emails by clicking on the Message Info button.

Import documents into an existing email or new message

Below are changes in I-Got-Notices v5.2.2.0 released on August 18, 2014

To import a document into an existing email:
Import documents into current message


To import a document into a new message:
Import documents into a new message

  • Right-click on a message and go to Functions → Import Documents or click on the document icon in the message.
  • On the Import Document window select Create a new mail message to attach document to.
  • Edit the the date, subject, case number, case name, jurisdiction, and docket text.
  • Next, select the document(s) you wish to add to the message and then click on Finish.

The new calendar reminder system

Below are changes in I-Got-Notices v5.2.1.0 released on August 15, 2014

Calendar Reminders

I-Got-Notices Reminder OptionThe calendar reminders system in I-Got-Notices has changed. The new system should be more reliable and only show reminders that you want to see. You will also need to reset all current reminders. This update includes a database structure update, and everyone will need to get out of the program (as well as disconnect from BankruptcyPRO). The new system behaves as follows:

  • If no resources are set for an event, then any reminder is basically a global one and each user will see it and if one person snoozes it or dismisses it then it’s gone.
  • If resources are assigned to an event, then each resource gets its own reminder and can snooze or dismiss it independently of all other resources. You should only see event reminders if you are assigned as the resource (or ones with no resources as stated above).
  • Recurring events should work the same.
  • You can go to Program Options → Calendar → User Options to give yourself a default reminder (per user). You can also turn off the cuckoo sound that plays when the reminder window pops up.
  • When the reminder window does popup, it will be an independent window which you can just send to the background by clicking back in the main program or you can hit the red X and it will auto-snooze all reminders for 5 minutes.

Easily browse for Proofs of Claim

Below are changes in I-Got-Notices v5.0.9 released on July 15, 2014

Browse Proofs of Claim

Browse Proofs of Claim in I-Got-Notices
You can browse Proofs of Claim by selecting the Creditors tab and clicking the Browse Proofs of Claim icon.


View Case Notes in the Mail tab

View Case Notes in the Mail tab
You can select how you view your case notes from the Mail tab. Select View Options and Move Case Title to toggle between viewing it above messages or below messages.