What Users Have to Say

“Customer service is the best. Always prompt and helpful in finding answers and solutions to simple or difficult problems.” — P. BRADY, Law Office of James Patrick Brady, Houston, TX (December 2014)

“With Version 5, LegalPRO made a great program (I-Got-Notices) even better. I now rate I-Got-Notices as indispensable. Customer service is still the best in the industry.” — MICHAEL S. (October 2014)

“Anytime support.” — SHEILA M. (October 2014)

“(I like LegalPRO’s) technical and customer support.” — HERMAN L. (May 2014)

“(I like) your constant updates and improvement of your programs and your customer support.” — PAT A. (September 2014)

“Good software and good service.” — ROBERT R. (August 2014)

“There is always someone available to help when I can with a problem or issue. Everyone I talk with has been very helpful.” — Plano, TX (March 2014)

“Great customer service!” — (March 2014)

“The software is affordable and reliable. The customer support has always been superb.” — (February 2014)

“(Your) customer service is great.” — Houston, TX (January 2014)

“(LegalPRO has good) tech support – friendly people who resolve the issues.” — Modesto, CA (December 2013)

“As you know, I always talk about how great the programs, BankruptcyPRO, DoingTIME, and I-Got-Notices, are.” — BRUCE M. (November 2013)

“I-Got-Notices saves you a lot of time to download all your free looks from PACER in a few moments and stores them in your database. Your savings in PACER charges and time easily pays for the I-Got-Notices software.” — JILL M.

“I really don’t know how a bankruptcy lawyer could practice without the convenience of I-Got-Notices.” — J. THOMAS B.

“I love your product. It makes my life so much easier and helps me make sure I don’t miss any calendared items. Y’all rock!!” — SHEILA R.

“I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate the user-friendliness of BankruptcyPRO & I-Got-Notices. The programs are awesome!! You guys are by far the best tech support group ever!” — JANET N.

“I-Got-Notices is a quick and easy reference to keep track of my cases. I’m been very pleased with the program and with the incredibly professional and responsive staff.” — MARTHA S.

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