Frequently Asked Questions

What types of e-mail accounts work with I-Got-Notices?

I-Got-Notices is compatible with any POP3 or IMAP4 e-mail account. You can use a free Gmail account, free AOL account, a paid Yahoo account, or an account set up with your own domain. We suggest using a Gmail or AOL account because I-Got-Notices has predefined e-mail settings for those types of accounts, which make setup a breeze.

Where does I-Got-Notices save the PDF files?

By default, the PDF files are stored in a database and are easily accessible through I-Got-Notices or BankruptcyPRO. In addition to storing the files in the program, you can also set up I-Got-Notices to export a copy of the PDF files automatically into separate client folders.

Can the calendar in I-Got-Notices be exported or synchronized with other products?

The I-Got-Notices calendar can be set up to synchronize automatically with Gmail calendars. We also have an option to do a one-way export from the I-Got-Notices calendar to the Outlook calendar on your local computer (the Outlook export function is still in beta testing).

To what extent does I-Got-Notices link with BankruptcyPRO?

I-Got-Notices will automatically link the notices to your client cases in BankruptcyPRO. You will be able to quickly see ALL the activity for a case and view/print a docket list report (effectively a PACER docket).

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