About I-Got-Notices

I-Got-Notices Saves Time and Improves Productivity

Free yourself and your staff to focus on more important tasks. I-Got-Notices automatically captures information received in ECF emails and organizes it in your inbox and calendar.

Compatible with Form Preparation Software

I-Got-Notices works directly with BankruptcyPRO and other bankruptcy software to help you easily pair court notices and dates with case information.

Why LegalPRO?

For nearly thirty years, LegalPRO has been helping bankruptcy practitioners file cases more efficiently. Founded in 1985, LegalPRO supports its clients with a full suite of legal software, including BankruptcyPRO, I-Got-Notices and DoingTIME.

As a privately owned company, LegalPRO develops, supports and updates functionally powerful legal software in house. Learn more about the LegalPRO Pros >>

Enterprise power under the hood

I-Got-Notices uses the Advantage Database Server® (ADS) from SAP® for storing the mountain of data it collects. The ADS is an industrial strength database on par with MS-SQL® and Oracle® that is easy to maintain and affordable for small offices. Starting with version 5 of I-Got-Notices, the licensing fees for the ADS are included in the purchase price.

The Advantage Database Server, like MS-SQL and Oracle, is a client/server based system that allows data to be stored and retrieved quickly and securely while nearly eliminating the data corruption and loss that commonly occurs on file sharing platforms.

Although using the ADS raises the initial cost of our product and requires you to install an additional piece of software, the benefits are very much worth it. I-Got-Notices pulls, stores, and indexes such a large volume of information over time that anything less than a client/server database system would be unworkable.

Need something specific? Can do!

LegalPRO takes customer feedback seriously. Your direct feedback drives improvements with updates often implemented multiple times a month. You’ll also enjoy customizable options to suit the needs of your practice.

Want help? That’s what we’re here for!

You can always count on unlimited, free technical support. For additional needs, various training options are available.

The Time-Saving Assistant You Never Knew You Were Missing

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